Digital Nomad Case Study: Fitness Instructor Kelly

In our first Digital Nomad Case Study on Business Management and Bookkeeping, we talk about what it means to be a digital nomad and how the world is turning toward a work-at-home lifestyle and embracing more of a travel-focused digital nomad lifestyle.

Still Not A Believer?

Meet today’s digital nomad, Kelly. She’s a fitness instructor from North Carolina (USA) living in Naples, Italy and you can find her on Instagram @Kdbrown9.

Digital Nomad Case Studies

Kelly is a dynamic fitness instructor who travels the world with her spouse’s job.  Her experience as a Digital Nomad - Meet Kellyfitness instructor allows her to work where she is in the world.
And to date, she’s traveled with her spouse to parts of Asia, Europe, and Australia.
While she’s not (yet) making a full-time income, she’s contracted with local studios and builds a clientele where she is.
So many trailing spouses give up not only careers but also friends, family, and a sense of self to accompany their spouses abroad.
By starting a business, Kelly has created a new identity and sense of purpose for her professional and personal life.
And what’s more, it allows her to maintain a cohesive relationship with her spouse and family as they travel with his job.

Prepared Questions: Digital Nomad Case Study

It’s not always easy to start a business. So Kelly shared some of her lessons learned in the short interview below.

Q: What was the hardest part of starting your nomad lifestyle? 

A: Commitment
Kelly’s focus on commitment is true to form. So many people start businesses but don’t make the goals, plan the steps, or take the consistent action to reach their goals or become successful.
As a digital nomad and a trailing spouse myself, I often meet other trailing spouses who’ve lost their sense of purpose. The joy they once held, their spark, is dimmed.
Creating a new identity is no easy feat, but when you start you have to commit to seeing it through.

Q: What products, tools, services make your nomad lifestyle easier?

A: Social media
Kelly, unlike Karen, doesn’t have a home base. So she relies on social media to build her network. Kelly’s preferred social media platform is Instagram. You can find her on Instagram at @kdbrown9

Q: What’s the hardest part to sustaining your nomadic lifestyle?

A: Language
When you move around as much as Kelly does, it’s not always easy to learn a new language well enough to work fluently in it. So, for her, language is a huge hindrance to finding, meeting, and closing new clients. But she’s making it work.

Q: What’s the most money you’ve ever made in any one month as a digital nomad?

A: $450

Q: In your highest earning month, how did you make that much money? Is it sustainable and something you can do every month?

A: I taught 5+ classes a week that month. It was difficult to sustain while also getting in my own workouts. Not impossible but challenging.

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to become digital nomads?

A: Try it!!
If you’re interested in starting your own travel adventure, Kelly’s journey proves that it is possible to make money while you travel.  Granted, she’s not quite making a full-time income but she’s in process. No one starts off making $5000/month.  And you won’t make anything unless you start.
Trying it out means getting started. It means taking a leap to try something new.  And no, you may not be an overnight success. And yes, you may feel like a failure from time to time. You may doubt that you can make this digital nomad life work for you.   You may even doubt that entrepreneurship is the right path for you.
Let me tell you something crazy… That’s normal.
Be like Kelly and just “try it.”  Becoming a digital nomad may not be easy but it’ll be worth it.

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