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One Solution Working Moms Need for More Flexibility + Income

All moms have GAZILLION things to do each day.  Working moms still have the gazillion things to do, and they also have a full-time job.  The addition of that job, also adds the logistics of dropping kids at daycare, packing lunches, and figuring out how (and who) picks up the kids at the end of the day.  Then factor in the general dinner, homework, bath, and the bedtime routine, and the working mom’s day is a stay-at-home mom’s day on steroids.

Don’t get mad. Stay-at-home moms are massively busy too. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I also have a huge respect for working moms. I work from home and even that can get hectic. I have massive respect and sympathy for working moms because they do a lot.

The One Solution Working Moms Need for More Flexibility + Income — Nomad Mom Life

Now, working moms, I can’t make the gazillion things on your plate disappear, but I can suggest one solution for more flexibility and income is to launch and run a business from home.

Whether you start the business slowly in your (non-existing) free time while you continue your full-time job, or you stash money like you’re preparing for the apocalypse and then quit your job to focus on your business full-time, it doesn’t matter.  How you do it doesn’t matter. You just need to start a business, mama.

Working Moms Need Online Businesses

So hear me out.  You may not think you’re the “business type” or you may have a laundry list of reservations about why you can’t start a business right now (or ever, as the case may be).

Here’s the deal though.  The way our world works, it doesn’t support motherhood, childhood, or anyone’s quality of life (for that matter). Society’s solution to childhood is that it’s merely an inconvenient time of life that requires someone (not necessarily the parent) to keep the kid from injuring him/herself.

I’m not against jobs, and I’m definitely not against parents working.  After all, we all need money to afford the lifestyles that everyone tells us we need. And there are some families for whom a job is the only thing that stands between keeping a roof over the family and homelessness. Work is important, but it’s also important to live fully.

Work is important, but we also need to live fully. The quality of our lives matters.

And whether you’re working 60+ hour weeks to afford your Benz or you’re working 3 jobs to keep the lights on, that’s not quality living.

Making parents choose between income—generally, a necessity—and spending the first two years (or more) at home with their young children is not a choice; it’s a socioeconomic inequality.

To create more choice, flexibility, and potential income, mothers (specifically) and fathers need to consider that the one solution to end (or at least slow) their rat race is self-employment

The Self-Employment Mom Solution

So here’s the deal. You could stay at a job that requires you to leave your kids with relative strangers, wade through an unnecessarily complicated commute, and accept a salary that doesn’t necessarily reflect the amount of work you’re actually doing to keep the hamster wheel moving. OR, you could start a business and become a self-employed mama.

The best long-term solution for greater flexibility and income is to start a business. Again, whether you start your business as a side-hustle and continue working full-time until either your business is in the black OR you’ve saved enough to have a soft nest egg, it doesn’t matter. You just need to get started.

You can worry about how you transition from employee status to boss on a later date. Self-employment only works if you’ve figured out how to make an income from home (and preferably online).

For the working mom, the self-employment solution needs to allow you to work from home; work on projects you enjoy; control your hours; and set your own rates.

Please don’t build a business that stresses you out. It would ruin your “solution” and leave you no better off than you were with a full-time job.

How to start your self-employment journey

When the only way you’ve known to make money is to have a good job, the idea of starting a business and being self-employed may seem extraordinarily daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

First, sign up for my 5-Day Dream Biz Challenge, mama.  It’s free, and I walk you through 1 step a day for 5 days to setup the foundation of your dream business.

Once you know what kind of business you want to start and what kind of clients you want to have, the second step is to start a blog.  With a blog, you can start producing great free content for your ideal customer AND learn what your prospective clients/customers like, want, and need.

Finally, you’re going to create a product or a service that responds directly to the likes, wants, and needs of this customer, and hopefully, you’ll start seeing prospective clients/customers become paying customers.

Look, mama, this is not a race. It’s definitely not a sprint. It may take you a while to figure all of this business stuff out, and that’s ok.   Just make sure you enjoy your business: not love, not passion, just enjoy it.

You may not start making money immediately.  In fact, it may take you months (maybe years) to really start making enough money to even consider leaving your job.  And you’ve got to be ok with that.

Now get started

Whether you’re a working mom who wants more flexibility or a stay-at-home mom who wants to work, if you don’t start you’ll never know if you could achieve the flexibility and income you secretly (or not so secretly) want.

So mama, will the self-employment solution solve the problems you face? When will you get started?


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One thought on “One Solution Working Moms Need for More Flexibility + Income

  1. Rob @ Money Nomad

    Great hustle and awesome website! I’m excited to see another “nomad” who’s excited about travel and earning enough money to make it a permanent option for their lifestyle.

    Although I’m not a mom, I resonate with the need to earn a bit extra on the side (and potentially replace your full time income).

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your site and look forward to crossing paths in the future.

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