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What’s your biggest mom struggle?

For those of you who don’t know me—and that’s most of you—I’m an introvert.  I like to hide behind my computer screen and write, create graphics, write programs, and correspond via email. I struggle with being in the spotlight, but I’m doing it scared.

I’m not the biggest video person. In fact, video is not. my. thing. It freaks me out.

But today, I didn’t have a blog post ready for you because I’ve been busily creating some free content for you to download.

So, in lieu of just abandoning you for the week, I made a video.

Gasp. Horrors!

It actually wasn’t that bad.  To see my debut Not for Sissies video, click play below.


If you watched my debut video, and I definitely hope did, you know we’re talking about your biggest struggle as a mom. And you know I want to hear from you. So, leave a comment with your biggest mom struggle, and I’ll do my very best to reply to each and every one of them this week.

So remember, in the comments below, let me know your big hairy mom struggle and read other moms’ struggles.  You’re not alone mama.

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