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Your Job Is The Enemy

Lose the baby weight. Eat healthily. Cook whole foods every night.  Get promoted. Be the best mom to your kiddos. Plan family activities. Keep the house tidy.  Make sure to get enough sleep. Over deliver at work. These are just a few of the messages moms get every day.  Sure, we have choices, but we’re never free of the judgment. We aim for perfection and consistently miss the mark.

Our own version of supermom leaves us exhausted, frustrated, and never measuring up to our own expectations. And who can we blame?   You can’t blame your kids, and blaming your spouse is a recipe for a fight.  You’ve got to pay the bills. So, work is non-negotiable. The only person to blame is you.  You’re not organized, dedicated, or creative enough to make it all work.

Bull-skittles. You’re not the problem. Your job is the enemy.

Here’s what’s really holding you back

The dollar per hour model is what’s sucking your life away from the things you love. Your job may be AMAZING or it could totally suck.  Doesn’t matter. What matters is how much time you’re putting into that job. If you’re spending 40+ hours a week at a job, you could be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a janitor at your local high school, and you’d still have this problem.

Before we go any further, let’s get something straight.  Your life is a fixed amount of time.  That’s all you’ve got. So, working for dollars per hour is a life suck. Some corporate goon essentially tells you how much your time is worth per hour and they pay you.  So essentially, you’ve just let some job put a value on a MASSIVE chunk of your life.

They own you

Your job owns you. Your time—and by consequence, your life—is a commodity to be used.

They [your job] will use you until they no longer need you and then they will lay you off.  Tell me this. How often have you felt obligated to stay late, arrive early, or take work home to meet your work obligations? How often have these work pressures forced you to choose between the job and your family? Or your health?

Now let’s be honest here.  You feel an obligation and pressure to perform at work because you value the money you receive from your job. It pays for your necessities and—if you’re lucky—most of your little luxuries.  So, you’re at the mercy of your employer; without the job, you’d face financial peril. So, you go out of your way to do good work, even if that means sacrificing your personal interests, time with your family, or your health.

So, like I said.  They own you.

They put a dollar value on your head.  This model, working for dollars per hour, is a form of modern-day slavery, and that’s not ok.

You and I both know that your time is worth more than your hourly rate.  Those are precious hours of your life—once gone, you’ll never get them back. That time is literally priceless. Yet you sell your time for a meager wage, a wage that (probably) won’t allow you to be independently wealthy or personally fulfilled. It pays for what you need and some of what you want.  And you’re supposed to be grateful for it. You feel stuck.

Here’s the answer.

The solution is called—the YOU Economy. You are the answer to your work issues.

Ok, so maybe it’s called the individual economy, but since you’re an individual, I’m calling it the YOU Economy.  You’re going to take all of the information you have and use it to generate your own job stability. That may mean you own a business or provide freelance services. You may sell products or services on-line.  You could sell hugs. The point here is that this whole job thing isn’t going to solve itself. You are literally going to replace it. The YOU Economy is going to replace the job-centric system we have now.

“The path of moving from the “job-centric” system we have now, which emerged during the Industrial Revolution, to an information-powered “Individual Economy” is going to be painful and disruptive. But it’s also inevitable, and ultimately beneficial to our society – so long as we don’t measure our economic progress by the degree to which we look like we used to look.   Dave Maney, Forbes Contributor”

The YOU Economy relies on the Internet

Unless you live under a rock, you have access to the internet. If you’re reading this, you have access to the internet.

Right now, business is the backbone of our economy.  In the future, the YOU Economy will be the backbone of our economy. And that economy will rely on the internet.  The internet provides unlimited market potential, access to every country on the planet, and the possibility for unlimited growth.  So, if your job is holding you back from living life on your own terms, then it’s time to embrace the internet and create financial stability on your own terms.

You need a webover

In other words, you need to give yourself a career makeover online (a webover). It’s time to recreate your career online.  If you weren’t aware, webovers are my thing. I’m in love with helping women webover their careers to create freedom, flexibility, and the finances they want for their families. So, now, you know. It’s my thing.

If you’re not sure your career needs a webover, read 9 Signs Mama Needs A Career Webover. You may be surprised how desperately your career needs a webover.

Your Job Is the Enemy

Mama friend, whether you dread Sundays or you feel that your job is slowly sucking your will to live, your job is the enemy.  When your job is to essentially make your boss, your colleagues, and your clients happy, we have a tendency to disregard our personal well-being and sanity.

You may not believe me right now but trust me, there will come a time when you have to literally choose between your well-being, your family, your mental health, or even your personal ethics and your job.  This may be your dream job, but it’s not a dream. This could be the best company for moms, but it’s not perfect and there will come a day when you see it. You’re trapped.

Working for someone else is not working for you or your family.  You need to invest your time, energy, and finances into creating your own stream of income that is entirely dependent on you because no one will look after you and you family like you will.

If your job is the enemy, what are you going to do about it? Let me know in the comments.




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