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11 Mompreneur Online Business Successes


Not for Sissies exists to inspire and assist moms to give themselves career webovers, start online11 Mompreneur Online Business Successes - Pinterest businesses, and ditch their 9-5 jobs to create new options for themselves and their families.

If you didn’t already know—and that’s totally ok—I’m crazy passionate about women paving their own path and creating new options for their lives.  I could talk ALL day about how unfair our system is to mothers and how we need to band together and build a new system that allows mothers to have more options to mother AND to work.  But I won’t.

Today, I want to spotlight 11 moms—just like you— who’ve taken a leap of faith and launched online businesses and home-based careers that give them the flexibility AND the income to live life on their own terms.

These women are amazing. They are humble, hard working, hard loving, unstoppable women who weren’t going to let anyone keep them from being with their kids AND making a professional impact on the world.  Take a moment to read each of their mompreneur spotlights and see what lessons each of them share.  Let them inspire you to leap.

Mompreneur #1: Christina Hebert  

Send It! Communications, LLC

Services: Christina offers full marketing services, including; logo design, brochures, social media management and web design.

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 2, 5, and 10

Years in Business: 3.5 years

Revenue: 200% of former salary

Her Story 

Christina started her business due, primarily, to health concerns and the constant relocation demands of her husband’s career. She needed a portable career that could be as flexible as she needed it to be.  Right out the gate, Christina’s biggest obstacle was the cost of childcare because she wanted to immediately devote full-time hours to her business. So, she had to start making money fast to afford childcare.

Tools & Courses

Christina already held a degree in communications studies and she had a background in sales and retail, but she needed to learn about online marketing.  Christina’s greatest resource was her local library and a few bookstores. She read and taught herself everything she needed to learn about online marketing services from books.  As she secured paying clients, she continued to learn more with each new job.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Get in touch with your local Small Business Development Center. They offer resources that may include help with market research, writing a business plan, even marketing. Find a local women’s entrepreneur group to join, and if your target market is businesses, join the local Chamber of Commerce and attend their events.

Above all she says,

Be confident, and talk about your business with new people—who aren’t friends or family— in casual conversation.  Avoid the phrase “I’m starting a business” and instead say “I own a (fill in the blank) business.” People are wary of new businesses, and when they hear “starting” they tend to take a wait-and-see approach before getting involved with you. Even if you established your business yesterday, you now run a business. Don’t lie if they ask how long you’ve been in business, but steer the conversation to your experience in/around the field instead”

Mompreneur #2: Sarah Olin

Sarah Olin

Luscious Mother

Services: Life & Executive Coaching for Moms

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 9 months

Years in Business: 4 years

Revenue:  400% of her former salary


Her Story

On the surface, Sarah’s story makes entrepreneurship look simple. She credits her intuition for nudging her to launch her coaching business and she started a 12-month coaching accreditation program.  As she began her business, Sarah admits her biggest obstacle was that she was simply not making enough money as quickly as she wanted.  After 4 years in business, Sarah earns 4 times her previous salary.  It’s pretty impressive, and I hope it inspires other mompreneurs out there to keep on keepin’ on.

Tools & Courses

Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Get lots and lots of support. More than you think you need!

Favorite Business Project:

Group Coaching is one of Sarah’s favorite offerings. She says, “There is something magical when a group of conscious, like-minded women come together. Magic.”

Mompreneur #3: Naghmeh Platenberg

Freelance Accountant

Services: Accounting Services

Kids’ Ages at Start: 1 month old

Years in Business: 16.5 years

Revenue: Earned 100% of her full-time salary in revenue before having baby #2. Now, she earns 50% of her full-time salary so she can spend time with her kids.


Her Story 

Naghmeh started her business while she sat at home with her one-month-old baby.  She loved being a new mom and spending time with her new little baby, but she craved adult interaction. So, she dove into the freelance accounting world. She simultaneously took classes and worked with clients, adopting a posture of continuous learning and self-education.  She enjoyed her work but as many mompreneurs, her biggest struggle has been the guilt of not spending more time with her kids. After recreating her full-time salary in her freelance accounting business, Naghmeh decided to scale back to part-time income so she could spend more time with her kids.

Isn’t the flexibility of self-employment beautiful?

Tools & Courses

She took non-profit accounting courses.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

Favorite Business Project

My favorite thing is being able to take burdens away from my clients. I offer accounting services to small companies that do not have the capability to run their own system in-house. Many businesses start with just the owner. After a long day of work, the owner doesn’t have the energy or time to pay bills, run payroll, pay monthly/quarterly taxes, etc. That’s where I step in and take care of their accounting. It takes an owner trying to do the paperwork themselves to realize it is cheaper—monetarily and emotionally—to hire someone else to do it for them. I love that I offer small business owners stress relief.  They can trust that I’ll take care of them and their businesses.

Mompreneur #4: Caroline Vencil


Caroline VencilBlogger at

Services:  She runs a personal finance blog specializing in life on a low budget and how to live a full life while budgeting fiercely.

Kids’ Ages at Start: 4 yrs.,19mo., & 6 wks.

Years in Business:  one year

Revenue: Almost 200% of household income


Her Story

After Caroline had her third child, she felt really feeling stuck at home. She and her husband weren’t making a lot of money and she didn’t want to leave her children for work. After finding a blogging income report while on Pinterest, it was the game changer for her. She decided to start a blog and make it work for her. She started her former blog, Cow Country Housewife, right then and she says, “it’s been a wild ride ever since.”

Self-described as “always ‘just a stay at home mom, Caroline’s biggest obstacle has been juggling being a stay at home mom and learning how to run a business. Since starting her first blog, Caroline has averaged $6,500 per month blogging.  She’s gone from being “just a stay at home mom” to be becoming a two-income family.

Tools & Courses

Caroline made her biggest business investment on a $500 course. She purchased Elite Blog Academy and she credits this one course with changing her whole life. After 2 months into EBA, she had her first $1,000 month and it’s only gone up from there.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

You are not a bad mom for wanting to be an entrepreneur! We’ve ALL set the kids in front of the TV for an episode of Magic School bus so that we can get work done. Let go of the Mommy guilt and remember that you are working so that you can provide for your family! Also, no matter what, you’re amazing. 🙂

Favorite Business Project

I write specifically about blogging:

Mompreneur #5: Kelli Covil Duncan

Wedding & Portrait Photographer + Blogger at

Services: She’s a wedding and portrait photographer, blogger and real estate investor, specializing in vacation rentals

Kids’ Ages at Launch:  2yrs.

Years in Business:   7 years.

Revenue:  50% of former salary

Her Story

Kelli started her business seven years ago because she wanted to leave her corporate job. While she’s currently at 50 % of her former salary, this year she’s on track to earn 75-80% of her former salary.  On top of all of the challenges inherent in starting a business, we all face surprise obstacles we never thought we’d encounter. For Kelli, that surprise has been navigating other people’s opinions about her decision to leave her day job. Despite the naysayers, Kelli continues to learn and perfect her skills as a photographer and blogger, and it’s paying off.

Tools & Courses

She used every free source out there to learn how to use my camera, do sessions and weddings, build a blog, and run a small business.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Plan ahead…don’t make rash decisions! Be ready to learn!!! You will be a student from now on learning what you need to for each aspect of your business!

Favorite Business Project

Kelli just started a series on quitting your job and starting a business.

Mompreneur #6: Emma Bates

Emma Bates

Virtual Assistant at Emma Bates VAC + Blogger at Kids, Cash and Chaos

Services:  Virtual assistant services, social media marketing, website maintenance, newsletters, etc, and blogger

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 6 and 4

Years in Business: 2.5 years in biz

Revenue:  100% of part-time income

Her Story

Before Emma’s current businesses, she ran a small granola company and learned a lot about online marketing. She knew she could use her existing marketing skills to help other local, small businesses while staying home with her kids. Her biggest obstacle was learning time management with two little kids and then later, a third.

Tools & Courses

Emma is continually learning about social media and online marketing. She regularly attends conferences and takes online courses.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

It will never be perfect, just start! You will learn as you go along and get better with time. If you wait til everything is just right you will never start.

Favorite Business Project

On her blog,, she offers the Brand Your Small Business Course.  It covers the basics of creating a brand your customers will remember.

Mompreneur #7: Jenni Reichert

Jenni Reichert

Baja Baby 

Services:  Quality Natural Skincare Products for Babies

Kids’ Ages at Launch: Kids 1 and 3

Years in Business: 3 yrs

Revenue:  200% of her highest salary


Her Story

Jenni’s story is simple.  She and her best friend wanted to produce a luxury skincare line for babies. On their website, Jenni shares “both girls knew they could dedicate themselves to making the business a success and both had the ability to really connect with other people, but the winning trait of this twosome was that they were awesome at being working Moms.”

In three years the friends have created an EWG verified product line that contains “high-quality ingredients with no parabens, sulfates or phosphates to ensure our products are good for all ages and all skin types”

Despite the successes, Jenni shares that the biggest obstacles have involved logistics.

It’s easy to see someone else’s successes and think it must have been easy for them to achieve what they’ve accomplished, but it’s not true. Everyone (EVERYONE) has obstacles.

Tools & Courses

Jenni took The 90-Day Year with Todd Herman and anything that Ezra Firestone puts out to improve on e-commerce. She also has a Digital Marketer membership.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Enjoy the process of growth and learning. Failure is just feedback.

Mompreneur #8: Chera Howard Hope

Hope Physical Therapy and Wellness

Services:  Physical therapy, wellness coaching, float therapy (float pods), wellness classes, essential oils and natural body products made in Colorado Springs

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 6 and 7

Years in Business: 1 year

Revenue:   100% of her highest salary within 6 months

Her Story 

Chera had a vision for a wellness center that gave back to children’s charities. She wanted to create a peaceful, positive environment where people who were in pain could come and find HOPE. After 22 years as a physical therapist (PT), she felt that there were other things she could offer that would complement physical therapy. There were no other PT clinics around that offered what she envisioned. Additionally, she wanted the freedom to design her own scheduled and spend more time with her husband and two boys.

As she set out to create this center, she encountered her greatest obstacle. She describes setting up a realistic business plan with projections of what we would spend and make in the first few years as one of the greatest obstacles she’s faced so far.  As the winner up, she describes making connections to get people in the door as her second greatest business obstacle.  We are not your typical PT clinic by any means, and we had to show people how we were different and what the benefits of a mission driven wellness center are.

Hope Physical Therapy is not your typical PT clinic by any means, and she had to show people how they were different and what the benefits of a mission-driven wellness center are.

After a year in business, Hope Physical Therapy and Wellness’ revenue projects show Chera succeeded.

Tools & Courses

Chera constantly takes classes to improve her professional skills as a PT, and her husband just finished his MBA with plans to leverage this knowledge to run the business side of the wellness center.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Have a business plan in place, it helped me to have a handle on what to expect in the beginning. I don’t feel like I went in blind with unrealistic expectations. Also, go for it. If you only sit around thinking and dreaming about what you want to do, it will never happen. Make it happen!

Chera goes on to say,

I envisioned a business that was different than your average physical therapy clinic. I took a chance because I wanted more. More for my clients, more for me, more for my family. I would encourage moms to make a business plan first and then implement their dream! I feel that with adequate planning you have a good grasp of what to expect, especially that first year. It was very nerve-racking in the beginning, wondering if people would see my vision, be willing to give some things different a try….and in the end, they did!


Mompreneur #9: Gina Horkey,

Gina Horkey—Not for SissiesHorkey HandBook, LLC 

Services:  Horkey HandBook helps people find or become a kickass virtual assistant(VA). On the client side, they have a service called the Virtual Assistant Finder.

On the VA side, she offers a course (and soon a training site), called 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success that helps people start a new VA business from scratch.

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 10 months and almost 2 1/2 years old

Years in Business: Since May 2014

Revenue:  200% of her highest salary

Her Story

Gina started her business because, in her words, she was, “DESPERATE for a career change – to do something I was passionate about and felt fulfilled by.”  She was the breadwinner in her household. So starting a business took a huge leap of faith for her and her family.

For Gina, her biggest obstacle to getting started was fear and the technical skills she had to learn to be successful.

Tools & Courses

Gina’s solution to her obstacles was to get educated. She enrolled in many courses during her first year on freelance writing, raising her rates, and blogging.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

Go for it! Don’t worry about choosing the “perfect thing” or being an expert. Allow yourself to try new things, fail and learn from your mistakes. And give yourself at least two years to succeed. It’s TOTALLY worth it!

Favorite Business Project

Gina loves helping stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, and working moms achieve their goals. Whether they’re shooting to bring in a little extra household income, replace their current salary or retire their husband, it’s all be done and her programs can help.  Her favorite projects right now are 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success and 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. In 30 days (or less in my case), you can start making freelance money from home.


Mompreneur #10: Olya Dadressan

olya dadresan—Not for Sissies
Primerica Financial Services 

Services:  Wealth building, financial planning, life insurance and investment advice for middle-income families

Kids’ Ages at Launch: Her oldest daughter was just born. She now has 3 children ages 5,6 and 8

Years in Business: 8 years

Revenue: 200% of her highest salary

Her Story

Olya started her business to replace the income she lost after she left her full-time job to have a baby. Olya’s business is a network marketing company and unlike many network marketers, Olya has quickly climbed to the top of her organization to become a Regional Vice President. She’s now frequently asked to speak at national events, and she leads a team across the United States.

She candidly described her greatest obstacles as lack of confidence, stepping outside of her comfort zone, and dealing with rejection.

Tools & Courses

Through her company, Primerica, she’s worked with mentors who have built similar businesses, and they offered regular classes on personal development, entrepreneurship as well as licensing classes for insurance and investment industry.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

It is not going to be easy but it is absolutely worth it. Success leaves clues so finding someone who succeeded in your chosen field and duplicating what they did would get you there. Learn to work a schedule, write daily goals and read and listen to talks on entrepreneurship to reprogram your mind from the employee mentality most of us have.

Favorite Business Project

Primerica provides complimentary financial planning advice and a complete set of financial products for families and businesses. Olya still loves sitting at a table with a new family to help them review the current state of their finances and offer solutions to support them to pay off debt and meet their goals.

She also enjoys training and cultivating new advisors—individuals who want to transition into working for themselves—and she recruits people on a part-time basis, pays for their licenses and provides them with free ongoing training programs and a mentor.

She’s happy to field questions from families wanting financial support or individuals interested in starting their own business with Primerica.  She can be reached directly through her website.


Mompreneur #11: Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson—Not for Sissies

All the Niches

Services:  As a freelancer, she provides copywriting services in the health and fitness niche. Her blog is her side hustle, and she’s showing people that they can choose work in basically any (legal) niche. The only requirement is to love it and to have it serve a need in the marketplace and to the world.

Kids’ Ages at Launch: 15

Years in Business: 3 years

Revenue:  400% of her best salary


Her Story

Christi went through a horrific divorce and basically became homeless overnight. It took a year for her to sort through both her emotions and her ideas for what she wanted to do for a living, which was writing.  Coming out of a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage, Christi’s biggest obstacles were mental and emotional. She had to rebuild her confidence in herself to effectively create the business successes she wanted.

Tools & Courses

She took the AWAI’s 6-Figure Copywriting course.

Her advice to moms starting online businesses

I don’t know what to say to moms. But to women in general, I’d say this:

You come into life with innate power and ability that grows over time. Women are magical. Beautiful. Gifted. And anointed to lead in certain areas. This is MY belief. Don’t ever give that away. Instead, grow your talents and skills as you mature, and when you can, capitalize on them. I have been a writer since the day I started writing. I have kept a journal since I was 5. At a certain point, I denied who I was – a creative. Don’t do that. You’ve been endowed with gifts for the world for a purpose. Harness them and use them!

Favorite Business Project

If you want to learn copywriting, I teach a course. I am happy to assist.

So there you have it. You’ve just met some of the most interesting women you may have never known existed. These women are normal everyday moms. They’re juggling motherhood, home life, marriages, and thriving businesses.

Just for you, they shared some of their juiciest advice to help you start your own entrepreneur journey. So, please take a second to leave a comment. Thank them, and share what nuggets of inspiration you got from their stories.

Do you want to learn more about starting your own online business? Get started now. Download a copy of The Mom’s Guide to Starting An Online Business.


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